Candice Adams Platform





It is often said that the law is slow moving. It is my position, however, that the information held by the Office of the Clerk Circuit Court should keep pace with the demands of today! We are currently operating with a system that is behind the times. Attorneys and non-attorneys alike depend on the information provided by the Clerk’s office to be reliable and current, both of which I plan on improving if elected to the office.


Providing access to information is one of the most critical jobs the Clerk of the Circuit Court has. If elected, I plan on updating the process of accessing documents maintained by the Clerk’s Office. Most visitors to the Clerk’s site use the website frequently. If elected, I will make the information most requested easier to find, saving time and frustration for users of the information.


The Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court stands in the unique position of holding a lot of information generated by the courts. This position also has the ability to educate the community on how to access the information that they may not otherwise know is available to them. If elected, I plan on working diligently to show members of DuPage what systems are in place, and how to access them. If elected I plan on providing community outreach through workshops on how to expunge a record, disseminating information about the procedure to secure an order of protection, the steps to take to pay for/contest certain tickets, and other items that can be accessed through the Clerk’s office.